Autumn Loken“As a Via Vita alumni, I would recommend this course to any prospective midwifery student. Along with a good preceptorship, this course prepares students to enter the field of midwifery competent and well educated. I found it to be very in-depth and comprehensive of the midwifery model of care. Because of the distance education component, it is especially beneficial for highly motivated students who are willing to self-study and enjoy the freedom to study on their own timeline.

Via Vita is a very rigorous course; I found it to be much more demanding than college level nursing courses, however that being said, also much more rewarding. As the world of health care evolves and is ever growing, so does this course. The course moderator, Sharon Evans, was extremely helpful and timely in her replies to any question or concerns I had. After taking this course I felt well prepared for the NARM exam and passed on my first attempt.” ~ Autumn Loken CDM, RN, Anchorage, AK

Dana Brown“Lynn Funte and I were the first Via Vita students. I took the course from 1984 to 1986. It was written by Vickie Penwell, my preceptor, while we were her students. Midwifery was not even legal yet in Alaska! The course was approved by the Alaska Licensing Board in the very beginning after the first batch of us midwives were licensed.

Via Vita has grown and been revised over the years and its students have always done well on the NARM exam. It has also (and most importantly) been an excellent tool to make students research and enhance the practical hands-on aspect of midwifery. I knew that handing Via Vita over to Sharon was the best way to ensure that it continue to be available for students. She has made it what it is today!” ~ Dana Brown, CDM, CPM, Alaska Family Health & Birth Center, Fairbanks, AK

Peggy Halsey“I feel the Via Vita course is very comprehensive. It met all of my learning needs and totally prepared me for the NARM Exam. Sharon’s feedback was invaluable every step of the way.” ~ Peggy Halsey CDM, CPM, Labor of Love Midwifery, LLC, Wasilla, AK





Judi Davidson“I used the Via Vita academic course 25 years ago when there was no licensure for DEM’s in the state of Alaska. It prepared me well for taking the Midwives Association of Alaska Registry Exam. I also passed the first NARM exam given in 1988 after studying and completing the Via Vita course.

Throughout the years, the course has expanded and improved, but I have always found it to be very user-friendly and integrative for both the students and the preceptors. As a preceptor, I have recommended Via Vita exclusively to all of my apprentices.” ~ Judi Davidson, CDM, CPM, Mat-Su Midwifery, Inc., Wasilla, AK



Breanne Shults“It is my pleasure to recommend Via Vita. I completed the course in 23 months. I believe that it prepared me well for the licensing process in the state of Alaska. I sat for the NARM exam in February, 2011. I am happy to say I passed the exam and am now a Certified Direct-Entry Midwife (CDM).

I remember being a brand new apprentice with stars in my eyes. I was so excited and I would hang on to every word the midwives uttered. I thought, “Wow, I’ll never know all this.”

With this course and a midwife who will serve as preceptor for your clinical education, I think that you will find yourself where I am now. I used to know that I was supposed to be a midwife. Now I know that I am a midwife.

Thanks to Sharon, who over these last few years counseled, taught, loved, encouraged and listened to me. She is an amazing woman who is the biggest apprentice midwife advocate that you will ever have the opportunity to work with. I thank the Lord for placing her in my life. She has ownership in my success because she invested so much into me and for that I will always be grateful.” ~ Breanne Shults, CDM, Labor of Love Midwifery, LLC, Wasilla, AK

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